how to take better food pictures with phone

Food is one of the fastest growing categories on social media. It’s a huge business and average folks are cashing in on it. But whether you’re a professional food blogger or someone who just likes to take pictures of their latest dinner creation, you can learn how to take better food pictures with your phone.

  1. FIND GOOD LIGHTING – Place food near a window where natural light hits. The further away you are from your light source the higher the chances are that your pictures will come out blurry, out of focus, and yellowish. Turn off your flash and let your subject bathe in natural light.
  2. REFLECT YOUR LIGHT – Bounce some light onto the shadows for a more even look by placing something white near it. This could be anything available around you like a sheet of paper, a white pillow, even a shiny purse. Although, keeping your shadows can create a nice contrast.
  3. COMPOSE YOUR SHOT – Shoot at different angles. Use a step stool to shoot from above, take pictures at eye level focusing on a specific ingredient, take close-up shots, take symmetrical photos, use the rule of thirds and leave empty space above, below, to the left, or to the right of your food. So many possibilities here to give your image some perspective and variety. If your camera has a grid it makes it so much easier to compose your shot.   food pictures with phone  donuts houston
  4. STYLE YOUR SHOT – Along with composition is styling. Much like layering accessories can help you look put together, the same goes for food styling. Make sure any out of place elements are out of your shot like a half empty bottle of water. Instead of sticking a spoon straight into a bowl of food, I might place it right next to the bowl at an photography phone
  5. EXPOSE FOR YOUR HIGHLIGHTS/SHADOWS – Are your pictures bright and colorful? Try tapping on your camera screen where you see shadows. Depending on what app or phone you use, it might automatically brighten the image when you tap on the shadows. Do you prefer dark and moody photos? Either keep your exposure as it is or tap on a bright spot to make the image darker.
  6. FILTERS – Try to keep your filters consistent. Filters are fun to play with, but aim for a cohesive look. This is how people can recognize brands. Not sure what your style is? Take a quick look at your social media and see if you can find a pattern. Is it minimalist? Do you gravitate towards certain colors or moods? You can even ask a few friends to describe your style.

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