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Nowadays everyone’s a photographer with all those fancy apps and filters. There are those that believe they might be able to make something of their talent if they just had what the pros have. But what do they have? Well, besides a good DSLR they have a GREAT lens.

This brief post will give you four quick reasons why the 85mm lens is the best for street style photography.

  • The 85mm lens is the one I rely on for most portrait situations. It’s not as lightweight as the 50mm, but it reduces the possibility of image distortion which means you’ll worry less that someone’s nose or ear looks out of proportion.
  • The background blur is incredible. Ever wanted that hazy confetti look in the back? The Canon 85mm lens is it.
  • It helps me keep a comfortable distance from a perfect stranger. Who wants a whiff of hot stranger breath? Not me!
  • It handles low light situations very well. When sundown is creeping up on your street photography, this lens will keep out shooting longer.

A few examples of the photos I’ve taken with the 85mm lens.

mexico city street style

mexico city fashion

mexico city street style

 And there you have it! Four simple, real world reasons why the 85mm will be your favorite fashion photography lens. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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