bathroom rules

I’ve had way too many conversations with women about bathroom etiquette that we’ve actually had to create and tape up flyers in the restroom of our building to help some of the issues that kept coming up. Not only is it frustrating for the people needing to use the restroom after you, but it’s embarrassing if you’re the one causing it. Whether you’re going to a friend’s house or using a public toilet. Here are 3 easy tips that can show you how to be a lady in the bathroom.

#1 Courtesy flush

There’s nothing worse than walking into a restroom and the stench brings tears to your eyes. What do you do? Do you walk out and wait for the smell to dissipate or do you sit there and take in tiny breaths? What if you’re the one that’s stinkin’ it up? Simple, do courtesy flushes which is basically just flushing more than once. I mean, you don’t pay the water bill there so don’t hesitate to let the water flow.

This prevents the toilet from being clogged with toilet paper and it reduces odors. A simple way to do this is to flush once immediately after urinating/defecating and flushing once or twice more after a few wipes.

#2 Look behind you

Before you leave, take a quick glance at the seat and make sure you don’t leave any urine, feces, pubic hairs, or blood on the seat. I’m sure you don’t like to clean up someone else’s nasty stuff so what makes you think anyone wants to clean up yours? Clean up after yourself. I’ve heard so many women complain about how disgusting people leave the toilet seats. And to think a lot of these women are raising daughters!

#3 Wash your hands

Don’t be gross and walk out without washing your hands. Prevent the spread of cold, flu, fecal matter, and other diseases. Make it a habit.

It’s that simple! Print or Pin the flyer below and share this post¬†with your friends, daughters, sisters, mother, and coworkers!

bathroom rules


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