On a sunny October day somewhere by a lake in Texas, my oldest brother married the love of his life. Fidel and Florence met two years ago at a Depeche Mode concert which happens to be one of my brother’s favorite bands. In fact, the groom’s cake had the DM symbol on it. I was honored to have been their wedding photographer. To see their engagement pictures <<<CLICK HERE>>>

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I recently had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding for a friend of mine. I really enjoyed working with her and getting back in the groove of shooting weddings. I had the most fun with the bridesmaids. Below are their pictures along with a shot of Ashley’s fantastic engagement pictures she took. If you’d like to see more of her work and are needing a wedding photographer in the Webster, TX or surrounding areas, check out her website here.
Houston wedding photographer
Houston wedding photography - Georgina Longoria
Eliana Photography Webster, TX
Week 1 for the lovebirds and they are flying high. I remember when they first started dating, it was so cute and then “Bam!” they were engaged. At first she wasn’t having it. She was not interested, but he quickly won her over. Congratulations you guys!

I was able to maintain my composure during the ceremony. I didn’t shed a tear, thank you. I totally felt one coming on, but a held it back.

Someone got footage of me dancing at the reception. You guys will never, ever see it. Woot!

On Saturday June 2nd, two of my friends celebrated their love with their family and friends. It was a sunny day, and they both glowed in sheer joy. I was honored to have been chosen as their photographer to capture the beginning of their lives as husband and wife.



It’s almost starting to feel like fall around here. We’ve gotten a few mornings where we can actually turn off our air conditioning and let the breeze in. “What’s that you say? A breeze?” Why, yes!

Well, it was nice while it lasted. At present it’s muggy. Muggy and full of mos-keeters.

So anyway, my aunt got married…in her 50’s! Woohoo, you go girl! It was a short and sweet kind of deal. Check out the groom’s “gettin’ hitched” belt.