For the past few years of high school, you’ve sat for yearbook pictures in front of a plain backdrop, trying not to blink, with your head cropped in a sea of of your fellow classmates. They’re so generic, but now your senior photos give you a chance to stand out and with the help of a professional photographer you get to showcase your style.

To make the best of your senior photos, I’m sharing five tips with you.

  1. Skin – Taking good care of your skin should start weeks before your senior pictures. We’ll take care of stubborn blemishes, but reducing shine in Photoshop takes a lot of time so come prepared with rice paper to dab off any excess oils. For ladies, a matte finishing powder can help.
  2. Hair – “Messy hair, don’t care.” Contrary to popular belief, floppy hair is not cool. Would you want to look back at your pictures and think, “What was I thinking?” Of course not! For minimalists, a simple brush through works just fine.
  3. Nails – Digital cameras capture a lot of detail. Be sure to cut away any dead skin, file uneven nails, and remove chipped nail polish. A little bit of lotion on dry hands works wonders.
  4. Clothes – Make sure your clothes are wrinkle free and don’t have any visible logos. Also, consider where and when you’ll be taking your pictures. The area and weather play a big role in how comfortable you look in your pictures. Heels can get stuck in dirt, strong winds can make dresses above the knee fly up, blazers can be too hot in the summer.

Look over these tips the night before or morning of your session and you’ll look polished and confident in your senior photos.

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So, here you are!  You finally decided to get those portraits you’ve been wanting. Now you’re wondering, “What should I wear?” Don’t fret. Below I have an easy list of rules to follow so you look your best. Don’t forget to browse my Pinterest Board for outfit ideas!

5 Do’s

  • Color Coordinate – White shirts and blue jeans are a default for many family portraits. Instead of being matchy-matchy opt for 2-3 complementary colors or consider throwing a splash of color in your wardrobe. 
  • Accessories – A nice watch, earrings, a necklace, or other well-placed jewelry can really complete an outfit. Keep it minimalistic. 
  • Layers – Different fabric materials or layers of clothing are visually appealing. (Wool scarves, socks that overflow boots, ruffles, lace, etc).
  • Tidy – Remove chipped nail polish and keep nails clean. Men should have groomed facial hair or be clean shaven. Clean hair, too! The camera sees all.
  • Comfortable – Consider the location of the shoot. Ladies may have a hard time walking in heels on soft grass. Skirts can fly up if the area is windy. Boys can get uncomfortable wearing blazers if it’s too hot outside.

5 Don’ts

  • Logos – Brands and logos may need to be digitally removed. This is a long task for the photographer. Think twice before wearing your favorite polo.
  • Lint – Do a quick fuzz check before a photo shoot.
  • Dirty sneakers – Converse and colorful tennis shoes are fun, but keep them clean if they will be part of your outfit.
  • Tight, low-cut, short – Anything that doesn’t fit will translate into your being uncomfortable. Modesty is always appreciated, as well. 
  • Wrinkles – Ironed or wrinkle-free clothes add to a polished look.

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