how to take better food pictures with phone

Food is one of the fastest growing categories on social media. It’s a huge business and average folks are cashing in on it. But whether you’re a professional food blogger or someone who just likes to take pictures of their latest dinner creation, you can learn how to take better food pictures with your phone.

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Ever heard of a snow grown? It’s Sweet Ride’s snow cones for adults. For a little extra you’ll get a mini bottle of rum or vodka. Yaaaaas! What better way to enjoy Houston’s unforgiving heat than with some delicious cold desserts?

Follow Sweet Ride’s updates on where they’ll be parked around Houston so you can swing by and grab a treat! One of the perks of taking pictures of food is you get to try some of it. I have a couple favorites, their strawberry Italian ice and the coconut sorbet in the coconut shell.


sweet ride houston

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This bungalow turned eatery specializes in gourmet hot dogs, but when my sweet tooth strikes and I’m craving carrot cake I make my way to Happy Fatz located near the corner of Heights Blvd and 6th Street. The name certainly matches it’s happy interior with walls covered in children’s coloring book pages that are readily available upon request. While waiting indoors for my main meal my eyes skim the walls lined with photography and mixed media up for sale. The renovated wood floors amplify conversations inside their cozy dining area and serve as a reminder that this was once a home that echoed with similar laughter and joy around many meals.
Glancing towards the kitchen hoping for my food to come, I spotted the desserts aligned in a large glass deli counter. I opted out of my chocolate cake comfort zone and asked for the carrot cake which can go either very well or terribly according to each recipe. While I intend to keep out of the pineapple debate, I must say that it is clearly noticeable as soon as the first bite and it is absolutely forgivable. It seems to add just the right amount of sweetness and moisture. I cannot even tell you how many dry carrot cakes I’ve come across. The coconut is hardly noticeable, if at all, and the pecans are generously scattered. The icing is a good smooth and creamy consistency that pairs wells with a big forkful of cake.
At $5 a slice, this homemade carrot cake deserves a try.


where to eat breakfast in mckinney, tx
I don’t know much about McKinney, TX, but I do know that they have a quaint café right in the heart of their city. We visited for breakfast on a chilly Friday morning and I went back Sunday morning on my own for their oatmeal. Their oatmeal! You see, that Friday morning I went with a few friends including one who is a chef. The moment she put that spoonful of oatmeal in her mouth her face showed how incredible it was. So, I tried a little bit and decided that’s it…I’m coming back for this. I went back to a bustling coffeehouse and waited in line for my “World’s Best Oatmeal”, as shown on their menu. I must admit, I haven’t found another oatmeal better than theirs so far.

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There’s something about film photography that makes my heart skip a beat. The grainy texture gives a very authentic feeling as if you were there taking the pictures yourself. The noise and color are difficult to replicate on a digital images for an inexperienced photographer and what professional has the time to sit behind a desk and slave for hours trying to emulate the look of film? At one point film photography was thought to be going extinct, but with talented photographers such as Jose Villa or websites that promote the use of film like Film Is Not Dead there is a new wave of interest in this medium.
A friend gifted me an old 35mm film camera. I hadn’t held one in over a decade. I was anxious to take it with me to New York last month. The cool tone of the pictures are a stark contrast to my digital work, but I am very happy with the outcome. Have a look…


Deep-fried dough with powdered heaven…that’s a beignet. I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity in the near future to visit New Orleans again, but when an emergency brought me to Houma, LA I suggested we try this place I’d heard about called Café du Monde. So on our last day we drove 30 minutes out of our way to the famous Café du Monde, an open-air restaurant in the French Market next door to the Mississippi River. We sat at a small round table listening to a lively jazz trumpeter whose true talent seemed to be engaging people in conversation while they stood in line. Beignets is all they have on their food menu and while it’s quite simple you’ll be happy to have them with coffee or hot chocolate.
Take a bite of these famous beignets and you’ll quickly understand why you’ll want to come back. It might be the warm sugar rush or maybe the fun of being surrounded by glowing tourists on a muggy Louisiana day.
What to expect:
The menu is posted on large wall columns
You can pay when they take your order or when they bring out your food.
You will get powdered sugar everywhere.